Intelligently-Designed Software Solutions for Effective Management of K-12 Education
Project Issue Electronic Communicator

An effective tool addressing all aspects of managing large projects including documentation of project issues, monitoring activities and deadlines, securely exchanging files, keeping track of project communications, and finally managing risk and scope.

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Educational Decision Support & Communication (EDSCOMM)

A colorful, graphical, and comprehensive site for disseminating educational progress at the school, district, and state levels, providing detailed data analysis and decision-making support to not only policymakers and educators but also to parents and the general public.

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Career & Technical Education Program Offering

A detailed data collection, reporting, and analysis software supporting effective management of career and technical education program offerings at schools while supporting state and federal-level compliance reporting including Carl Perkins Act.

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NCLB Compliance and Reporting Requirements

Detailed software programs addressing all aspects of NCLB data collection and compliance reporting requirements with detailed modules for data aggregation and customized reporting for parents, principals, district/state administrators, and policymakers.

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