Since its inception in 1997, MMCS Consulting has been operating as the prime contractor for the State of Louisiana for the design, development, and production of its NCLB-based accountability reports. Through this unique experience, MMCS Consulting has amassed extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with every aspect of school accountability reporting systems. MMCS Consulting, utilizing its expertise in information technology and its superior knowledge of the NCLB-based Accountability Program requirements, has been able to develop smart and flexible computer programs generating attractive and customized reports to accommodate for the variations in school grade configuration as well as various exceptions and waivers required for various schools.

In addition to user-friendly, customized parent report cards, MMCS has developed numerous other detailed, diagnostic reports for district administrators and school principals providing insight into the performance of their schools. The following provides a brief description of the various reports produced on an annual-basis for the State of Louisiana.

Parent Report Card
An informative report providing parents with specific accountability and performance results for their schools. Each report card, containing tabular and graphical information about the school with comparisons to the district and state-level averages, provides a succinct summary of school results for its intended audience, the parents. Furthermore, each report is customized conforming to the exact grade configuration of each school.
Average report size – 6-page per school, tri-folded on a 17x11 size paper
Principal Report Card
A technical report providing detailed information on school accountability scores including detailed subgroup performance results for analysis and diagnosis by school principal and administrators.
Average report size – 15 pages per school
District Accountability Report Card
A detailed report providing an assessment of each school district in terms of its progress towards achieving the federal and state-level accountability goals.
Average report size – 5 pages per district
School, District, and State-level Accountability Subgroup Component Reports
A very specific report detailing all subgroup-related accountability results aggregated and produced at the school, district, and state levels.
Average report sizes – 14 pages per school, 24 pages per district, 26 pages for state
District Composite Report
A very detailed report with numerous educational indicators providing a longitudinal view of educational progress for every school within a school district. The report includes 6 years of data for various indicators in tabular form, district and state averages, illustrative graphs and charts, as well as explanatory text.
Average report size – 250 to 500 pages per district
State Education Progress Report
A professionally-bound, glossy, analytical report with numerous charts and graphs providing a succinct summary of educational progress for the entire state.
Average report size – 120 pages